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About Us

Sell-a-Biz.Com took it's first listing in February, 1999. For the first eighteen months of operation, we offered listings as a free service and grew rapidly to one the most popular business for sale websites on the Internet. Sell-a-Biz.Com is owned by ZCNet, a privately held company. In addition to Sell-a-Biz.Com, we offer web hosting, Internet consulting and web design. We pride ourselves on being a small business offering big service to the Internet community.

Thousands of people visit our site. Most are buyers looking for a business for sale. Buyers can search our database for free, plus they can also register with us to receive notification when a business matching their interest is listed.



Notice to Buyers: Sell-a-Biz does not participate in the sales process, nor do we makes any guarantees as to the accuracy of information supplied by sellers. Sell-a-Biz does not investigate the claims or content and advises investigating carefully when investment is required.

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